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The '''Library of Virginia''' in Richmond, Virginia, is the library agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia, its archival agency, and the reference library at the seat of government. The Library moved into a new building in 1997 and is located at 800 East Broad Street, 2 blocks from the Virginia State Capitol building. It was formerly known as the '''Virginia State Library''' and as the '''Virginia State Library and Archives'''. Formally founded by the Virginia General Assembly in 1823, the Library of Virginia organizes, cares for, and manages the state's collection of books and official records, many of which date back to the early colonial period. It houses what is believed to be the most comprehensive collection of materials on Virginia government, history, and culture available anywhere. Its research collections contain more than 808,500 bound volumes; 678,790 public documents; 410,330 microforms, including 45,684 reels of microfilmed...
Library nameLibrary of Virginia
Library logo| image = File:Library of Virginia-2.jpg
CountryUnited States of America
TypeGovernment of Virginia
Scope| established = 1823
Ref legal mandate| location = Richmond, Virginia
Coordinates| items_collected =
Collection size| criteria =
Req to access| annual_circulation =
Budget| director = Sandra Gioia Treadway
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